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“ The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts (Bertrand Russel). ”

My name is Giovanni Riva, I was born in Liguria on 04/02/1969, my father is Italian and my mother is English . I graduated from Genoa University in law studies.

Farm True Liguria

In 1995 I decided to take up professionally what had been, until that moment, a secondary activity for me: the extravirgin olive oil. From that moment on with determination and all the available resources possible I created the actual farm, comprising of around 3000 olive trees, a mill and bottling plant. Our aim is to guarantee a high quality extravirgin olive oil, exalting the most important characteristics of extravirgin olive oil “cultivar taggiasca” sweet and fruity. It is not easy to find such characteristics.

For this reason the western extravirgin olive oil “cultivar taggiasca” is amongst the most sort after worldwide. We seek to have a completely transparent report with our customers , nothing in the production process is hidden, avoiding the bad habit of “blending”(mixing of oils from various Med. Regions outside of Italy).

All this represents a serious challenge considering that 70% of olive cultivation in western Liguria is now in state of semi-abandon and even with full production the quantity produced would only be sufficient to supply a large city such as Hamburg for 6 months. In conclusion our target is to supply a extravirgin olive oil which would represent the most important ambassador for this region in limited quantities only.

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« Dr. Giovanni Riva is an official expert taster who is specialized in the sensory analysis of extravirgin olive oil and has a basic understanding of the preparation of it and the market's preferences. »
Contact: info@farmtrueliguria.com

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