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How long is it possible to preserve olive oil?

A very low level of acidity slow the natural process of going rancid.

Normally the expiry date of a superior extra virgin olive oil (“oliva taggiasca”)  is fixed at 24 months after its date of bottling, afterwards 12 months oil start to become less fragrant.

Oil tickles the thoat?

Extra virgin olive oil made by “oliva taggiasca” cultivar (existing only in west Liguria), is famous in the world for the fragrance and flavour
, sometimes tickles the throat because the oil has been produced quite recently (for example the month of November when the olives are partially mature).

How to preserve olive oil?

  • The ideal range of temperature is from 12 to 20 c.
  • Keep the oil in a dark place.

Why extra virgin olive oil is healty?

Olive oil (“oliva taggiasca”) presents an acidic composition that low insaturation and contains numerous antioxidant substances that allow it to maintain a particular stability.

The theory is that foods high in antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E and beta-carotene, delay ageing by mopping up free radicals.

Olive oil opposes with a very important action the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine moreover favour a better digestive activity.

Healt: Three Spoons of oil

The latest news is that it also helps in preventing the risk of Alzheimers'. Research by the Northwestern University of Chicago affirms this capacity. This is due to one of its ingredients, l'oleocantale: like the major part of the polifenoli of the olives, family of natural antiossidants, from which it belongs, it is usually collected during the first pressing, that is the extraction of extravirgin olive oil, which is to be absolutely preferred.

Just three spoontuls a day as the Istitute of research for food nutrition ( underlines, to furnish the organism with all of its benefits: reduction of cholesterol LDL (damaging) and increasing the good cholesterol HDL, protection of the cardiovascular system, prevention of cell ageing in general, thanks to the high content of vitamin E; a strong anti-inflammatory, ant-pain and anti-rheumatic effect widely in many commercial products.

The classification of oils

Low (CE) N 1513/2001

  1. Extra virgin olive oil: an acidity below 0,8 g for 100 g.
  2. Virgin olive oil: an acidity below 2,0 g for 100 g.
  3. Lampante” olive oil : an acidity above 2,0 g for 100 g

Reclaims and replacements

Farm True Liguria clients, as per current legislation, are guaranteed reimbursement if not satisfied and the possibility of returning the goods within 10 working days, except in the case of perishable or damaged goods.


Farm True Liguria, uses the most important and international couriers for the consignment of its goods. The goods are generally delivered within 24/48 hours in mainland Italy. For other countries consignment is 48/72 hours (Europe)

Shipping fees for orders Farm True Liguria depend upon delivery destination.

For international address, shipping fees are based upon delivery country.

Free delivery applies to Italy only, on orders over 100 Euro.


Payment can be made by bank transfer (swift) in advance. Farm True Liguria will execute the order after confirmation from its bank of receipt of payment.

Payment (only cash money) can be made by cash on delivery (€ 10 extra) at the consignment of the good.

How to order

Only written orders will be accepted or by fax or on line. The client who orders on line will receive, by E-mail ( indicating the number of orders received, if after 24 hours, this fails to appear, it will be retained that orders have not been accepted.


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