The Olive Tree

Olive, is a fruit that grows in regions near the tropics.

Men grew olives even before our earliest history was written, and have grown them widely ever since. It is thought that this fruit first grew in the eastern Mediterranean basin. Hundreds of years ago it escaped from cultivation and began to grow wild all around the Mediterranean. Many elements make up a plant’s environment. One of the most important is the weather – sunlight, temperature, and precipitation (rain, melted snow, and other moisture. The environment of a plant also includes the soil and the other plants and the animals that live in the same area.

All these elements form what scientists call a natural community. Botanists often divide the world into five major biomes ( natural communities and the plants and animals that live there). These biomes are (1) the tundra and high mountains, (2) forests, (3) grasslands, (4) deserts, and (5) aquatic regions. Man propagates olive trees by two chief methods : (1) cuttage, (2) grafting. Cuttage involves the use of cuttings (parts of plants) taken from growing plants. Most cuttings are stems, when placed in water or moist soil, the majority of cuttings develop roots, the cuttings then grows into a complete plant. Grafting also involves cuttings but instead of putting the cutting into water or soil, it is grafted (attached) to another plant, called the stock.

The stock provides the root system and lower part of the new plant.



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